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Osaka High RP

JE in Osaka High -- RP
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je rpg
This is an RP of the Johnny Entertainment variety, set in Osaka High, the school in the Hana Kimi series. You don't need to be familiar with the series to join, but there are a few things about Osaka High that you need to know.

Osaka High is an all-boy boarding school. It has been dubbed the "pretty boy paradise," because most of the alumni are attractive, or fairly good-looking. There are three dorms on campus, one of each has a "dorm head." These three dorm heads form what is known as the Sakura Committee. The Sakura Committee is meant to represent the student body.

I will be stealing borrowing events and activities directly from the series. Announcements will be made when such events are taking place. Once I run out of in-series events, I will take up suggestions as to what we should do next.

Interested? Read on.

Expect further edits on this section.

0. nO tYpInG lIkE dIs. Write in full sentences (unless your character's a 'tard. Nothing we can do about that).

1. NO FLAMES. Be nice to each other. We're here to have fun. If you feel that someone is doing a terrible job interpreting a Johnny's personality, please don't bitch them out. Be nice, be constructive, or if the problem is persistent, bring it to a mod.

2. NO GODMODDING. You do not have control of another person's character. You cannot have Ueda get naked, and you cannot have Yoko smoke crack. This is up to the character's player. Repeated instances of godmodding results in a ban. It's just not cool, guys. DON'T DO IT.

3. STAY IN CHARACTER. Please and thank you.

4. IN-CHARACTER DRAMA STAYS IN CHARACTER. Only because Ryo is nasty to Ueda in-character does not mean that Ryo's player can be nasty to Ueda's player. If Junno steals your boyfriend, too bad. All drama must remain in character. All consequences must stay in-character.

5. THREE CHARACTER LIMIT. You are only allowed to play as three characters. This is subject to change. If anyone is caught breaking this rule, you're out.

6. DO NOT HATE. This game is open to homosexuality and heterosexuality alike, but all NC-17 material must remain under an lj-cut.

7. BE ACTIVE. This is not a claiming community. Do not apply for a character if you won't have time to play. Going over a week without posting will be interpreted as inactivity.
- If you are contacted regarding inactivity twice and fail to respond, your character will be dropped.
- If you have been contacted regarding inactivity four times, your character will be dropped.

I will be making a map of where everything is on campus shortly. Just know that there's the three dorms, a clinic, a track field, basketball court, etc. etc., classrooms... It's going to be made in paint, so don't expect anything fancy.

Students will be allowed off campus during weekends only, because I say so.


A dorm head can only be voted off as dorm head by the majority of people in a certain dorm. Dorm members, on the other hand, are free to switch dorms if they so please. Once a dorm member switches out of a dorm, they won't be allowed back in. This is to avoid people switching back and forth constantly.

Sakurai Sho
Matsumoto Jun
Kato Shigeaki

Additionally, each dorm is equipped with it's own dining area. The dorms are NOT off limits to anyone. That is too say, Dorm 1 member can freely visit Dorm 2 without permission.

There is a two person limit per room. If you and your friend are applying and want to share a room, please specify in your application. Head over here for more information on the rooms, and to see who is sharing rooms with who.

Please go here for a layout of the dorms and other specifics.


To make life simpler for everyone, you will not be required to apply for classes. All students will be taking the same courses, varying in difficulty depending on the student's grade level. Everyone in the same grade level will be sharing the same classroom. That is to say, all 9th graders in one class, all 10th grades in another...

You will not need to keep a record of your character's attendance or whatever. This information is only here to let you know who your characters will be sharing classrooms with.
[THE COMMUNITY osakahigh_rp]

All posts to the community will be OUT OF CHARACTER. Anything posted in the community is for your information as the player, not the character. The community will be used for announcements and any other important information that needs to be relayed.

In addition to that, logs and in-character IM conversations will be posted to the community as well. It is important that any interaction outside the journals gets shared with the rest of the players in the game, so that everyone is aware of what is going on. It is not mandatory for you guys to read these if you don't want to, but please share.

Again, everything posted in the community is OUT OF CHARACTER. Everything posted is for you, as the player, to know, not as a character.


You will not be required to create an in-character instant messaging account. However, it is necessary to have at least one kind of instant messenger for communication with other players, and any interactions outside from journals between characters.

If you and another player want to log, but you do not use the same IM Client, you're free to comment-log on the community. You can also log through e-mail.

A log posted on the community must be under a cut. Information on the characters, rating of the log, warnings (if any), and summary must be provided. This applies to comment-logs that are incomplete. Just specify that it is incomplete in the summary.


You will be required to create a character journal. When you write in your journal, you are writing from the point of view of your character. "I had delicious apples today," as opposed to, "Sano ate apples today."

IN GAME, the journals are being kept on a private server in Osaka High. What I mean by this, is that your characters are not writing posts in LiveJournal. Your characters are accessing their accounts on Osaka High's private server to post on their journals. So instead of complaining about how LJ sucks, your characters would be whining about OH's server sucks.

Since interaction in this game is mainly by journals, we are to pretend that all new characters in the game have just created an account on OH's private server. What I mean by this is that, when you apply, your character won't be "the new student." He would have been in campus all along, but is only new to the journal system hosted on Osaka's High server. This is mostly to avoid a new student coming in every other week, but you can specify in your application if you want your character to be a new student.

All information and posts on journals will be viewable to the whole student body. Unless your character chooses to filter their posts.

For example, Nakatsu writes a lengthy confession to Mizuki, but he doesn't want anyone but her to read it. He can do this, by filtering his post, or that particular section of his post, to Mizuki. Like so:

Mizuki I love you. Marry me. Insert other lovey dovey crap here.

The information in this filter will be viewable to all of us OUT OF CHARACTER, but will only be viewable to Mizuki IN CHARACTER. This is so we're all aware of what is happening in the game. You can filter to and from people, just be specific about it. For example, you can filter a message to Dorm 1, while filtering it from Sano.

It may seem a little complicated at the beginning, but trust me when I say that it is not.

As of October 25th, 2007, Osaka High RP is now accepting female characters. Since JE lacks women, the only condition is that your character must have acted in a drama alongside a JE boy. Variety shows DO NOT count.

Female characters applying to the game will only be able to fill in the role of a teacher, as Osaka High is an all boy school. There is no room for female students. We will not be accepting applications for girls at St. Blossoms, because again, this is Osaka High. Not St. Blossoms. No girls.
Now that all the boring introductory stuff is over, lets get to the fun part. Applying! But before you do so, please check the list of taken characters so you don't waste your time.

Head over to THIS POST to submit an application.
Kari (mod)
- anotherstory_ [at] hotmail [dot] com

Ginny (maintainer)
- silly-god-disco [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk

For more general questions, please comment here.
Listed in alphabetical order for convenience.


Kawai Fumito. English. Drama club. kawai_sensei


Aiba Masaki. 11th. Dorm 1. supaidol_aiba
Matsumoto Jun. 12th. Dorm 2. jun_style
Ninomiya Kazunari. 12th. Dorm 2. nino_kazunari
Ohno Satoshi. 12th. Drom 2. ohno_s
Sakurai Sho. 12th. Dorm 1. saku_rap


Ishigaki Daisuke. 10th. Dorm 3. lone_pianist


Golf; Nitipaisaikul Pichaya. 11th. Dorm 2. goofie_golf
Mike; Nitipaisalkul Pirat. 9th. Dorm 2. pirat_mike


Arioka Daiki. Art Teacher. arioka_sensei
Nakajima Yuto. 9th. Dorm 1. yutobratty
Yuuri Chinen. 9th. Dorm 2. chinen_x3


Nishikido Ryo. 12th. Dorm 2. shaa_nai
Ohkura Tadayoshi. 10th. Dorm 1. tachuyoshi
Shibutani Subaru. 12th. Dorm 3. ossan_style
Uchi Hiroki. 9th. Dorm 2. mata_aimasuryo
Yasuda Shota. 11th. Dorm 3. dekiru_ko


Kamenashi Kazuya. 10th. Dorm 1. kamekazuya
Akanishi Jin. 11th. Dorm 2. sillyactions
Taguchi Junnosuke. Japanese teacher. samuraiboy
Tanaka Koki. 12th. Dorm 2. jokerrr7
Ueda Tatsuya. 11th. Dorm 1. ueda_tatsuya_rp

KinKi Kids

Domoto Koichi. Music Teacher. domoto_shocku
Domoto Tsuyoshi. Home Economics Teacher. tsuyo_chan


Fujigaya Taisuke. 9th. Dorm 1. taipi_no_tai
Nikaido Takashi. 10th. Dorm 3. nikaido_takashi
Senga Kento. 9th. Dorm 1 senga_kento
Tamamori Yuta. 9th. Dorm 2. nemui_san

Musical Academy

Machida Shingo. 10th. Dorm 2. maachin


Kato Shigeaki. 12th. Dorm 3. shige_wagahai
Kusano Hironori. 11th. Dorm 3. notti_thoughts
Masuda Takahisa. 9th. Dorm 3. akatsukismile
Nishikido Ryo. 12th. Dorm 2. shaa_nai
Tegoshi Yuya. 9th. Dorm 3. tegoft
Uchi Hiroki. 9th. Dorm 2. mata_aimasuryo
Yamashita Tomohisa. 11th. Dorm 2. hadashi_boy


Nakai Masahiro. 12th. Dorm 2. suckit_kouhais
Katori Shingo. School Nurse. shingo_ohha

Tackey & Tsubasa

Takizawa Hideaki. 12th. Dorm 1. hella_takki
Tsubasa Imai. Computer Technology teacher. worldwing


Kokubun Taichi. Economics Teacher (11/12th)/Soccer coach. its_aliens
Nagase Tomoya. Math Teacher. good_influence


Ishigaki Daisuke. 10th. Dorm 3. lone_pianist


Miyake Ken. Psychology Teacher. superfly_kenken


Ayukawa Taiyou. 9th. Dorm 3. need_sunblock
Yabu Kota. 9th. Dorm 3. yabu_dabu_du
Yaotome Hikaru. 11th. Dorm 3. hika_hika_ru
Yamashita Shoon. 10th. Dorm 1. shoonaspossible


Ikuta Toma. 11th. Dorm 3. 4toptoma
Kazama Shunsuke. Guidance Counselor. shun_kazama
Yamashita Reon. 10th. reon_shyness


Nanako Matsushima. Science Teacher. nanako_sensei
Drama: HYD; with Matsumoto Jun

Bajeux Minami. PE Teacher. just_minami
Drama: Yukan Club; with Akanishi Jin, Yokoyama Yu, Taguchi Junnosuke, etc.

Horikita Maki. History Teacher. maki_sensei
Drama: Kurosagi; with Yamashita Tomohisa; Nobuta wo Produce; with Kamenashi Kazuya. etc.