Yasuda Shota (dekiru_ko) wrote in osakahigh_rp,
Yasuda Shota

[Log] February 24th, evening

Characters: Subaru, Yasu
Rating: ?
Warnings: Umm... cross-dressing? XD
Summary: Incomplete

Yasu felt oddly excited as he went back to his room - he wasn't doing this to prove a point, but he really wanted to do his best! He was just genuinely curious as to how Subaru was going to look dressed up and made up as a girl.

He just hoped Subaru hadn't found all the cosmetics he'd bought and thrown them out! In fact, when he got to the room, he wasn't a hundred per cent sure Subaru wouldn't have disappeared off and hidden himself somewhere.
Tags: log: subaru, log: yasuda
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