maachin (maachin) wrote in osakahigh_rp,

February 22, 2007

Characters: Machida and Masuda
Rating: ?
Warnings: ?
Summary: Incomplete - Machida paints Masuda's nails!!!! XDDD

Machida dug through his drawers for the nail polish that he had bought the previous weekend. "Hah I knew this will come in handy one day!" He said with a grin before he placed it on his bed. "I'll go and get us some drinks then be right back." He told himself. He quickly grabbed his wallet and keys then rushed to the dinning hall where he got some cakes and fruits before he rushed back to his room. He dumped the food on the desk then went to the soda machine where he got two bottles of coke.

"Should I call Massu?" He asked himself. "Nah he'll be here soon!" He grinned.
Tags: log, log: machida, log: masuda
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