Yasuda Shota (dekiru_ko) wrote in osakahigh_rp,
Yasuda Shota

[Log] February 14th, evening

Characters: Subaru, Yasu
Rating: NC-17!
Warnings: Sexiness!
Summary: Complete - Yasu gave Subaru Valentine's chocolate. ♥

Yasu didn't know why he stuck his head round the door before going into his own room, but he still had a sneaking suspicion Subaru was somehow mad at him - or maybe just embarrassed, because Yasu had done a pretty cheesy, girly thing by leaving him the chocolates.

But then, he'd seemed happy and flirty enough when he'd offered to share them with Yasu. Yasu wished he had had the presence of mind to make the chocolates himself, then he could have "accidentally" got melted chocolate all over himself...

Pulling himself together and trying to forget such naughty thoughts for the time being, he went in and shut the door behind him.
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